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Asked by j9here

Ahahaha, pure luck! Or maybe I subconsciously had architectesque-faces on my mind :)

Asked by Anonymous

Heya anon,

I will say that yes, that one didn’t make it onto tumblr due to my feminist-killjoy-hat being on, but it was not that one in particular, there seems to have been a rash of them recently. (I think maybe people had a bad time with marks and decided the weasel was a good outlet. Some of the submissions were just plain confusing, as well as kind of dodgy!)

I will say, I’m not quite sure how one defines what a prostitute ‘looks like’, and knowing some lovely friends who are prostitutes myself makes that even more difficult. So while I’m not upset, I would like to note that prostitutes can be architects too (sex work still pays the student loans), and I’m sure they dress wonderfully for review :)

But I do like seeing your submissions come in, so please don’t feel put off in making them!


Just a reminder

Hey everyone, I love getting all of your great submissions, but just a reminder of the submissions guidelines - don’t be a dick. I’ve had a few ones that are clearly personal jibes at people or are kinda offensive. Just remember this is for fun!



Asked by samhenc

I’ll do my best! It’s surprisingly difficult to come up with good ones :) But I’m glad you enjoy it, and best of luck to you!